Thesis in health sciences

Application Requirements for the PhD in Health Sciences Informatics Applicants with the following degrees and qualifications will be considered: An undergraduate minor or major in information or computer science is highly desirable. The Application Process Applications for the class entering in will be accepted starting in September, Please note that paper applications are no longer accepted.

Thesis in health sciences

Graduates of this program will obtain research, teaching and managerial positions in academia, clinical laboratories and in industry. For Individuals with B. The Master of Science degree in Clinical Laboratory Science CLS in the School of Health Professions is designed to prepare the basic science undergraduate, for a career in research, teaching or management within clinical laboratory medicine.

The Masters of Science degree in Transfusion Medicine is designed to prepare specialists in blood banking for a career in consultation, administration and supervision or research in the field of immunohematology and transfusion therapy.

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The aim of the collaboration is to educate individuals in areas of research which translate the principles of new basic science laboratory techniques into clinical laboratory practice, study patient outcomes based on treatment protocols utilizing laboratory testing and design diagnostic algorithms for the use in new medical techniques.

More information about the PHD program can be found at http: This degree track can also be taken totally and completed either full or part time.

Thesis in health sciences

Upon completion of this program, the individual would be awarded the Masters of Clinical Laboratory Science degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. Prerequisites for the Graduate Programs: Applicants to the clinical laboratory science masters and PhD degree programs must have either a basic science or clinical laboratory science bachelors degree depending on the trackincluding standard college courses in general chemistry, mathematics, microbiology, and biology see list below.

Previous laboratory experience is advantageous. Applications for admission must include a GPA of 3.

Health Sciences

A grade of 'B' or higher is required to satisfy any prerequisite. Science Courses Program Prerequisites.About. The Faculty of Health Sciences excels in its research endeavour thanks to the efforts of over researchers working in a variety of disciplines, from molecular biology to metabolism, from human kinetics to social sciences of health.

SFU's Faculty of Health Sciences offers one of Canada’s most comprehensive and integrated programs and has a strong reputation for producing world-class innovative research. Texas A&M International University (TAMIU) is an international university poised at the Gateway to Mexico and serving as the cultural and intellectual hub of a .

RIMHS Centers: Research Groups: Sharjah Institute for Medical Research Postdocs / Research Assistants Drug Design and Discovery.

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Iron Biology. Environment and Cancer Research. Public Health Research Center. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Georgetown University in Washington D.C. offers a wide variety of doctoral, master's and certificate programs encompassing both traditional and interdisciplinary studies.

We offer internationally acclaimed doctoral research, biomedical research, and top-ranked master’s programs. The Bachelor of Health Sciences degree is a four-year program consisting of a range of courses that relate directly to the science of health, in the recognition that health is a complex entity defying a simple explanation or a single disciplinary perspective.

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