The changes in the personality of achilles

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The changes in the personality of achilles

I found this website just this past week and wished that I had stumbled upon it earlier. I decided to get my lazy butt back in shape around christmas of I went on weight watchers and began playing basketball times per week.

Things were progressing fabulously through April. I had lost 35 pounds and was in the best shape that I had been in 10 years. I was playing basketball at my regular Monday night pick-up league, which was one of the 3 nights that I played.

The thing that surprised me the most was that it really didnt hurt that bad. I went home and looked on the wonderful internet and figured out that I had ruptured my achilles.

The changes in the personality of achilles

This was April 14th, I went to the ER that night and they confirmed the self-diagnosis. They made me an appt with the ortho who was with the Michigan State Univ. I had the worst pain that I had ever experienced a few hours after surgery.

The doctor prescribed Keterolac, which is an anti-inflammatory, and this gave me instant relief. The main reason I wanted to post here was to give some hope to those that are just going through this. I am just over 8 weeks from surgery, and I was cleared and played my first round of golf on Friday.

I was fitted with the boot immediately and woke up with it on from surgery. I had to leave it on at all times until my first post-op appointment. I was then allowed to take it off when showering. No I did not have the ok to walk, but I dont have a lot of patience and I was feeling pretty good.

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After 3 weeks of PT, things were progressing very well. I was walking more, but still wore the boot when I went outside. I was able to do calf raises and do wall stretches of the achilles.

A few days after that and I ditched the boot. It was killing my back and my right hip and I just couldnt take it anymore.

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I got chastised by my physical therapist, but it was worth not wearing that darn thing anymore. I went to see the doctor for my 2 month check-up.

He was very impressed with my progress and said to keep doing what I had been doing. He said to have PT work on strength now. I played golf that afternoon and shot Not too bad considering. It is hard to get me weight onto my left side right now, so I hit a little fade, but it will come.

My doctor is younger and did the boot, this allowed me to progress as fast as I have. Everyone keep their chins up and you can make it back. I will be playing basketball again probably in November or December.

I walk at home without the boot, but not confident to go outside or on stairs without it. Keep up the great recovery!What careers should the INTP avoid? It is important to note that any personality type can be successful in any occupation.

However, some occupations are well suited to the natural talents and preferred work style of the INTP, while other occupations demand modes of thinking and behavior that do not come as naturally to this type.


Achilles Changes. Topics: along with the contrasting characteristics of personality, methodology in combat and, endured hardships. Through the combination of their trials, experiences, and personal attributes, we will not only be able to identify them thoroughly as men worthy of remembrance, but we will understand what factors occupy the.

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The Personality Powers trope as used in popular culture. Often, when there's a superhero team, their powers will reflect their personalities with the most . The most famous portrayal of Achilles is in Homer's "Iliad," in which Achilles is portrayed as a brave, loyal, cocky, intelligent and even superhuman soldier.

In Achilles' case, the word "superhuman" is literal; he is the result of a union between a god and a mortal. Achilles is a classical Greek.

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