Tabdeeli razakars

The founder of Naya Pakistan calls it human nature to be political, but I'm not allowed by his troops to express myself? Because blogging means I am addressing the social media audience of Pakistan and it is very lonely out here if you're not a PTI supporter. So I am pretty much on my own, or at least without protection from a social media team which will support and defend my stance without even paying heed to the merits of my stance.

Tabdeeli razakars

Plantation, green-belts and jogging tracks 6.

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Why is an opportunity missed in creating at leasttojobs in construction, brick and steel making as well as transportation? Why is this opportunity to start an annual business to the tune of Rs billion in Peshawar missed? Please link Regi Model Town to Jamrud road via a 3-km road through proposed mini cantonment.

This will be the lifeline of this huge project. These are also important linkages 2. Security is the biggest concern in Peshawar. Make RMT the first gated town in Peshawar so that people feel peace of mind. This would help Tabdeeli razakars the top brain from being drained out of the city due to law and order situation.

This would also stop the Tabdeeli razakars of capital to a large extent. Provide gas and electricity to Zone 1 and speed up other development work in Zones 3 and 4 where both these facilities have almost been provided.

There is an ongoing dispute between Kuki-Khel an Afridi tribe and the Govt in some parts of Zones 2 and 5. Please resolve this dispute or alternatively allot alternative plots to all those people whose plots are in the disputed area.

PTI Tabdeeli Razakar Imran Khan

Green and Clean Peshawar: Rapid greening of Regi Model Town should be included in Green and Clean Peshawar project as a green Regi would impact on the air quality of Peshawar, currently ranked very high among the most polluted cities in the world.

Please stop cattle grazing in Regi Town. Peshawar Mass transit project Please include it in the mass transit project. It will be a criminal negligence to ignore it when years from now one third of Peshawar population would be living here or adjacent areas.

The mass transit project is for years and should have included it from the very beginning. Ban new townships in Peshawar: A total ban on new housing schemes in Peshawar is needed unless Regi Town has been completed.

Tabdeeli razakars

We think that the new schemes are started due to conflict of interest. Badly needed services in Peshawar. Please order the establishment of Parks, Zoo, Schools, Colleges, jogging tracks, and stadiums with immediate effect 9.

Tabdeeli Razakar

Quality of development work Development work already taken place in Regi model Town has very poor quality. Quality work needs urgent attention. Confidence building measures Confidence building measures are lacking.To join the same parliament from which we have resigned is a serious issue which will be discussed, says Arif Alvi.

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1, likes · 1 talking about this. IK's Azadi Razakars are agents of Change and the first ones to. “Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Those endowed with it may perform very good or very bad acts.

All depends on the principals which direct them.” - Napoleon Bonaparte. Ambition can be defined as the desire and willingness to strive towards achievement or distinction, the. Power of Tabdeeli Razakars of PTI. PTI Campaign Highlights in Karachi. PTI Band Campaign Response in Lahore.

PTI Women working as Tabdeeli Razakar. Insaf Flight – . Sign the Petition to KP govt. Regi Model Town, KP’s largest government housing scheme, was launched by Peshawar Development Authority (PDA-an autonomous KP government body) more than 2 decades ago to provide ten of thousands of families in KP with adequate housing, recreation, health & educational facilities as well as create employment opportunities.

Tabdeeli Razakar Program was designed to campaign for PTI and Imran khan at local level.

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