Militaries use of food as a war technique should be illegal

The use of these techniques is highly controversial and many people say that they are essentially methods of torture and illegal under the Geneva Convention. Isolation Isolation is the idea that a person should be left entirely without stimulation by another person.

Militaries use of food as a war technique should be illegal

Remember, you are fighting because this is the best and only option. Pull the trigger -- because you are in a battle for your life! Your instincts, assessment, and situational awareness have told you that you are in mortal danger. What you can do is survive -- it is your right to not be killed or harmed by another person.

As with most things survival-related, fighting has its own set of priorities that need to be addressed at lightning speed. Stay on your feet and keep moving. Hit Hard Again, back to violence of action: Make every blow count and you could walk away; otherwise you may be carried away.

Punch, kick, elbow, gouge, bite, stab, rip, crush -- you name it, you should do it, because this person is trying to take your life. The only rule in fighting is to live. Vulnerable points exist all over the body, but remember that the greatest number of them exist from the collarbones up.

Within this relatively small area of the neck you have: Your attacker may be three times your size, but if you take away even one of these functions, the fight is over. Then immediately return the hand to the defensive position by your face. You will increase the power of a punch by twisting your midsection in conjunction with the blow.

A punch straight in from opposite the lead leg -- very powerful. An outward arcing punch delivered by either fist -- great for targeting the ear or jaw.

Militaries use of food as a war technique should be illegal

An upward arcing punch delivered by either fist -- great for targeting the chin, and the best for lights-out! Palm Strike In addition to the above punches, your hands can also be very effective when clawing or jabbing with fingers, and an open palm strike can be devastating.

The palm of the hand contains one of the densest bones in the body. Open your palm; cock your arm back, just as you would for a jab punch. Strike directly at the front of the nose and aim upward. Chokeholds The rear chokehold method a.

The positioning of your arm is the key to this technique, so remember, the deeper you can get his throat between your bicep and forearm, the better.

Keep your right arm behind his neck and grab your left shoulder. An alternate method is called the front chokehold, which works when you are facing your attacker.

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With your right hand, reach across and literally grab the opposite corner of his shirt collar -- not the person. You will have greater control over your adversary this way.

This will make your crossed arms an X in front of his throat. Grip as tight as you can while rotating your hands forcefully inward to achieve the chokehold. You are twisting the opposite shirt collars as if you were squeezing and wringing out a rag. Fighting an Assailant Who Has a Gun or Knife If your assailant has a weapon, then your choices in defense will change.

Disarming a person with a gun is incredibly risky. It takes a second to pull the trigger, so the best option might be to comply and wait for an opportunity to attack. However, if you are close enough and the situation necessitates you attack, your goal would be to use maximum effort and attack the weapon with the full intention to deflect his aim.

Trying to wrestle the weapon from his grip is less likely to work than pushing his hand away, be it up, to the side, or downward. At this point, you may get the opportunity to strike at vulnerable areas and disable the attacker enough to get off the X.

If the person has a knife, again, keeping your distance is the goal. Use your shirt, coat, or whatever you can find to deflect his thrusting arm, which then could provide an opportunity to use defensive tactics.

Haul ass Although this is the last step in this section, avoiding fights altogether needs to be your first priority.According to the 8th amendment, within our nation's constitution, it prohibits the use of any cruel and unusual punishments.

If we were to use torture we would be breaking our own laws, which can give bad reputation and assert hypocrisy within our country. In the s, before the outbreak of the Second World War, the British population was somewhere between 46 million and 52 million.

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Britain imported 70% of its food; this required 20 million tons of shipping a year. 50% of meat was imported, 70% of cheese and sugar, 80% of fruits, 70% of cereals and fats, 91% of butter.

Militaries use of food as a war technique should be illegal

The use (or misuse) of the military by the Trump Administration is a political stunt. This is probably why the military itself is publicly leaking its’ own internal documents stating that the caravan poses no threat to the United States.

These techniques include prolonged constraint, prolonged exertion, extremes of heat, cold, or moisture, deprivation of food or sleep, disrupting routines, solitary confinement, threats of pain, deprivation of sensory stimuli, hypnosis, and use of drugs or placebos.

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OPSS does not provide medical or legal advice, and the information on the OPSS website is to be used for educational purposes only. Sep 08,  · He was fighting the Egyptians in the battle of Pelusium in B.C.

and as we all know, the cat held a high place in Egyptian society as sacred creatures and the Achaemenid Empire sought to use this to their advantage in the invasion of Egypt.

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