Marketing report on amul

Corporate Resource Cell Industry Visit — Amul Dairy, Anand — 25th April, Industrial visits are very important for every management student as it provides as clear picture to the up coming managers in the making who have the zeal for a bright future. The rationale of the professional program MBA at Rai University, Ahmedabad is not only the theoretical learning inside the classrooms or just completion of syllabus but its sole objective is to have practical edge with all basics management aspects. The objective of this visit was to study and understand the production and operation of Amul Dairy. Amul is the pride not only of Gujarat but also of entire country.

Marketing report on amul

Traditionally, in India dairying has been a rural cottage industry.

Marketing report on amul

Semi-commercial dairying started with the establishment of military dairy farms and co-operative milk unions throughout the country towards the end of the nineteenth century. Prior to the s most milk was necessarily produced within a short distance of the place of consumption because of lack of suitable means of transportation and refrigeration.

The Indian Dairy Industry has made rapid progress since Independence. A large number of modern milk plants and product factories have since been established. These organised dairies have been successfully engaged in the routine commercial production of pasteurized bottled milk and various Western and Indian dairy products.

With modern knowledge of the protection of milk during transportation, it became possible to locate dairies where land was less expensive and crops could be grown more economically. In Indiathe market milk technology may be considered to have commenced inwith the functioning of the Central Dairy of Aarey Milk Colony, and milk product technology in with the establishment of AMUL Dairy, Anand.Introduction Background of the Industry The dairy industry plays an important role in the socio-economic development of India.

The dairy industry in India is instrumental in providing cheap nutritional food to the vast population of India and also generates huge employment opportunities for . Marked Categories: amul kool milk market sharein , marketing strategies of amul in urban india pdf, project report on marketing of amul, amul ppt with picture of products with price, mba project ppt amul brand positioning, cafe amul introduction, pricing strategies of amul pdf, mba project topics in marketing of amul, amul food festival.

Amul kool is fast moving product in amul beverages, 2nd is the amul kool cafĂŠ, 3rd is the amul spiced butter milk, 4 th is the amul kool koko, and others like Nutramul energy drink, amul kool.

Amul encouraged the White Revolution of India, which made the country the world's largest producer of milk and dairy products.

Marketing report on amul

In the process Amul became the largest food brand in India and has ventured into overseas markets. The project on “Study on consumer satisfaction of Amul Product and their marketing strategies” has been made to facilitate effective understanding about the marketing aspects.

Research Project Report - Amul (GCMMF) BBD University. April Title: Senior Marketing Executive | Microlit.

Marketing strategy of Amul covers various aspects of the business right from segmentation and targeting to the overall mission and vision of the company and the various parameters which the company executes to become the top brand that it has in the market.

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