Leibniz philosophical essays summary

Educated there and at the Universities at Jena and Altdorf, he then served as a diplomat for the Elector of Mainz and was sent to Paris, where he lived for a few years and came into contact with leading scientists, philosophers, and theologians. During a trip to England, he was elected to the Royal Society; he made a visit to Holland to meet Spinoza.

Leibniz philosophical essays summary

Some of the more important works featured in this collection are the "Monadology," and "Discourse on Metaphysics," and "On Nature Itself". So some of the works concern Leibniz's theoretical physics and theology, not just philosophy proper [whatever that is: There is a short preface to each essay or letter in which the editor's provide relevant contextual information; moreover, the editors provide footnotes of relevent historical and philosophical, and terminological points that bring out various nuances that might otherwise have been missed entirely.

This work is intended to be a reference work--it's not meant to be read from page one to the end; rather, it is ideal for research, classroom instruction, or for on the go reading when you just need a quick Leibniz fix in a portable format.

As an introduction to Leibniz' thought, it's hard to go wrong with this edition.

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While using this book in a grad seminar, it was brought to my attention that there are some questionable aspects to the translation. Some of the works in this volume are translated from the Latin, others from the French.

Either way, some of the word choices lend themselves to serious misinterpretation in the English. Having said that, while my Latin is better than my French, I don't think my understanding of Leibniz's complicated metaphysics was tainted anymore than it would have been had I been reading from the original languages.

Is I mentioned above, some of the inclusions concern theorectical aspects of various scientific problems, some of which are problems bequethed to Leibniz from previous thinkers, such as Descartes.

But some of the selections have prefaces that do not fully bring out the way in which Leibniz' arguments are responses to certain historical problems. For instance, in section 13 of On Nature Itself, Leibniz raises a number of objections to a view of motion that is compatible with Cartesian physics.

The editors, however, do not make clear to which arguments Leibniz was responding. The Cartesian view of motion consists in geometrical bodies acting on each other within a plenum.

It is only possible, furthermore, according to Descartes, for the movement of bodies to be circular. Leibniz presents the following argument against this Cartesian view. P1 The criterion for distinguishing a uniform mass of matter is motion.

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P2 If motion is transference, then a change of state from one place to another must occur. P3 It is not the case that a uniform mass of matter can be distinguished by means of a change of state from one place to another.

P4 If P3then it is not the case that the criterion for distinguishing a uniform mass of matter is motion. C1 It is not the case that the criterion for distinguishing a uniform mass of matter is motion. Leibniz gives an argument for P3which is reformulated as follows. P3a One part of matter is distinguished from another by means of an extrinsic denomination.

P3c If P3bthen it is not the case that there is an extrinsic denomination. P3d It is not the case that there is an extrinsic denomination.Monadology is undoubtedly Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz’s best-known work.

Leibniz philosophical essays summary

Because it is a condensed statement of his main philosophical principles, written late in life, there is good reason for.

Wilhelm Gottfried Leibniz, German philosopher and scholar, wrote essentially: – Discourse on Metaphysics () – New Essays on Human Understanding () – The Monadology () The work of Leibniz is huge and rich with insights of genius.

Leibniz philosophical essays summary

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