Kite runner social class essays

Amir is the sensitive and intelligent son of a well-to-do businessman in Kabul, and he grows up with a sense of entitlement. Amir is a gifted storyteller and grows from aspiring writer to published novelist. His great desire to please his father is the primary motivation for his behavior early in the novel, and it is the main reason he allows Hassan to be raped. From that point forward, he is driven by his feelings of guilt as he searches to find a way to redeem himself.

Kite runner social class essays

In a state of conflict and crisis Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner examines the human condition and the ways in which individuals deal with the circumstances they face.

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Through the experiences of the central characters Hosseini explores the role of courage in shaping the individual. As a result, it becomes evident that it is not only courage that is central to shaping the individual, but also one's cowardice. The Kite Runner presents various differentiations of courage.


Through the character of Hassan, Hosseini depicts a truly courageous individual, an individual who is willing to sacrifice himself for the wellbeing of others. Hassan is a loyal boy whose dedication to his friend, Amir, results in his horrific rape at the hand of another boy.

Hassan's courage is evident prior to his rape as he often protected Amir from bullies and accepted the blame when he and Amir would get into trouble.

It was Hassan's assurance, "For you [Amir] a thousand times over" p. Hassan not only defended Amir's kite, resulting in his rape, but he also allowed Amir to frame him for theft, forcing them to move away.

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Amir later learns that Hassan died protecting Baba's house; boldly confronting Taliban soldiers who were attempting to evict them from their home.

Hassan was undoubtedly a courageous man whose bravery was a fundamental part of his character. Hosseini also presents a man who uses his conflicted past as a motivator for courage.

Baba is a conflicted man, a man who committed what he believed to be the ultimate sin, theft. He stole his friend's wife and produced an illegitimate child who his friend believed to be his own. Baba teaches his son Amir," And that is theft.

Every other sin is a variation of theft. It also becomes obvious that Baba is a courageous man who stands up for what he believes; "Tell him I'll take a thousand bullets before I let this indecency take place. But even then, he had lost on his own terms.

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However it cannot be denied that this indiscretion became his motivator to be a better man. He faced his indiscretion head on and pursued community based charity work to atone his sins. This in itself is a courageous act and for this reason, regardless of his initial motivates, Baba's courage to face his indiscretion became a large factor in his personal development.

In contrast, Hosseini portrays the way in which cowardice shapes an individual. The courage of Hassan and Baba stand in stark contrast with Amir's cowardice.

Amir's spinelessness and lack of courage shapes him as an individual on different levels.Books at Amazon.

Kite runner social class essays

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