Kelly brownell and marion nestle are you responsible for your own weight con

They certainly know how to get the attention of the White House just when they need it most. Obama said that 16 corporations accounting for up to 25 percent of the American food supply chain would trim a total of one trillion calories by and 1. Sounds impressive, but I am not really sure exactly what it means. Trim calories, from what?

Kelly brownell and marion nestle are you responsible for your own weight con

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Nonetheless, it is important to bear in mind that although such evidence opt to be provided, the source of such information must be reliable, authentic and up to date. Although the authors have tried in furnishing the readers with several evidences especially with regards to amount of money used in campaign for and against food industry as well as the number of children watching ads concerning food, the readers are not told the source of such information.

Logic refers to reasoning usually stemming from critical thinking. It goes without saying that logics are a plus to arriving at convincing or victorious arguments. A closer examination of the statements brought forth by the authors seems to show that they had analyzed their audiences.

This is because they used soft tone that will leave readers with a choice of buying their idea without being prejudiced. The authors while bringing forth their argument clearly depict consistency on their view, at no time is did they seem to contradict their view points this makes readers to be fully aware of the authors stand Boyd par.

Additionally, the article has utilized reasoned arguments as the authors successfully managed to make their points without getting emotional, no use of fallacies and name calling.

Kelly brownell and marion nestle are you responsible for your own weight con

Lastly and more importantly, the article does not give a false generalization about the whole issue of food industry and government intervention.

All these works well in ensuring that they convince the readers to hold point of view they authors desired. RResponse to the article In terms of logic and flow, the authors gave an introduction which was brief concerning food industry, their quest to remain in business as well as government involvement without hinting to the readers their stand on the issue.

The technique of making their stand known in the last paragraph of the article seems to be having played a major role in keeping readers glued to the article.

Concerning the amount of money utilized by both the government and food industries in trying to campaign against and promote the industry respectively, the great disparities amounts to the existing gap in the problem.

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However, the claim that the government has colluded with these industries in making citizen consume diet that that will negatively impact on their health.

This is because the authors did go straight to the point and used simple English which is easily understood. On the same note, Kelly Brownell and Marion Nestle makes the readers understand that obesity is a problem that is experienced worldwide, they use no jargons, vague words or colloquial English in putting that across.

This thus is a poor generalization. Similarly, the assertion that the concept of personal responsibility is a trap to ensure that government lessens their stand with regards to fat foods or unhealthy food is partially true.

It might be possible that government is giving the industry room to try to conform to the existing legislation before taking further actions with regards to unhealthy foods.INDUSTRY TACTICS. Sugary drinks have been a huge contributor to the rise in obesity over the last 30 years.

Among the favored targets of the Center for Consumer Freedom are Professors Marion Nestle and Kelly Brownell and the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI). Pro & Con: Is a soda tax a good policy to reduce obesity in the. Marion Nestle’s “What to Eat” is a new guide for a new era in American food and nutrition–the one book that tells you everything you need to know about food with clarity, insight, wit and wisdom.

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Brownell, K & Nestle, M , ' Are you responsible for your own weight? Con: not if blaming the victim is just an excuse to let the industry off the hook ' . In an article that forms part of the PLoS Medicine series on Big Food, Kelly Brownell offers a perspective on engaging with the food industry, and argues that governments and the public health.

Jun 04,  · Yale University professor Kelly Brownell, Marion Nestle addresses the discrepancy in resources in her book “Food Politics.

fruit in syrup, hamburger helper, etc.) They knew that if you ate junk food or processed foods more than occasionally, you would gain weight and probably be less healthy.

We knew that ‘restaurant food. After analyzing the article “Are You Responsible for Your Own Weight? Con” by Kelly Brownell and Marion Nestle, the arguments didn’t seem to be very strong. It had good concepts and ideas; the problem is it wasn’t persuasive.

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