Forestry thesis

FOR does count if it has a subtitle and regular weekly classroom meeting pattern. At least 12 graduate credits must be in or level courses.

Forestry thesis

Join the lab Topics for student research Topics for student research Below I briefly describe a few topics for student research.

These topics are by no means the only possibilities. Come talk with me to disscuss other ideas or to explain me your own ideas.

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Examples of such traits are specific leaf area, leaf toughness, wood density and seed mass. These ecological strategies are governed by fundamental trade-offs in the resource economics of plants.

The best-understood leaf-level trade-off is the so-called leaf economic spectrum LESwhich runs from cheap-to-construct and short-lived leaves that maximize resource capture rate to expensive-to-construct leaves that tolerate stress and better conserve acquired resources.

For example, in tropical forests, traits are overwhelmingly collected from trees and to a much lesser extent lianas. Other growth forms such as forbs, ferns and palms, are largely ignored. However, functional trait relationships are not necessarily similar among species.

For one, differences in whole-plant morphology may impose specific constraints on leaf-level attributes and how they relate. Within this context, you could look at trait variation in a specific plant group, or contrast two specific groups.

You could also zoom in on specific traits and ecological processes, such as leaf toughness and herbivory pressure during different phases of leaf development.

If you are interested, let me know and we can discuss ideas.

How to choose an interesting subject?

Collecting data in gardens and forests across Singapore. Processing of leaf samples. In forest succession, it has been shown that average light levels in the understory decline rapidly and may reach mature forest values within a decade.

This change in light environment is one of the principle drivers of succesional species turnover.

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It is less clear, however, how spatial patterns in light environment change during succession and if these changes can be related to canopy structure, understory density or an interaction between both. We also collected data on the size of all trees in these plots.

Processing and analysis of hemispherical photographs. Other examples of questions you could focus on are: Characteristics of the street, the urban settings and the planting will influence the microclimate, and the effects of each will differ depending on the weather conditions and time of the day.

In our lab, we are interested in the role of trees and differences among tree species. In this study, you would explore ways to quantify and relate measurements of shade, temperature and humidity below tree crowns — which directly influence physical comfort — to the species, size and other characteristic of tree species that are commonly planted along streets and in parks in Singapore, in interaction with easy-to-measure characteristics of the urban surroundings.Welcome to the exciting world of Forest Ecology and Forest Management!

We have a wide range of thesis projects ranging from fundamental to applied, where you can study from the plant- to the ecosystem level, in the temperate and tropical zone, by doing field studies, experiments, lab studies, or .

The Faculty of Forestry offers excellent courses and cutting edge research across a spectrum of disciplines related to forestry, and opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. Graduate Programs.

Forestry thesis

We also offer course-based, non-thesis degrees: The. Join the lab Topics for student research. (1 semester) or capstone/honours thesis (2 semesters)..

Forestry thesis

Topic 2 | Forest and light. Description | Light is one of the main limiting factor for plant growth in forest understories. In mature tropical forests, light availability at the forest floor is typically. Coupling ground sample data collected by forest inventory with remote sensing data is a sound option to map selected SFM indicators at the scale of medium-to large forest management units, but still impractical for forest data end-users, at least in terms of cost-effectiveness.

5 | P a g e Financial Support All graduate students in the Faculty of Forestry receive financial support during the first two years of a thesis-based Master’s, or the . Plan A - Thesis Option. Specific Courses Required by the Graduate Program for All Master of Science in Forest and Natural Resource Sciences Students.

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