Enzyme lab quiz

Induced fit hypothesis In this model the enzyme molecule changes shape as the substrate molecules gets close. The change in shape is 'induced' by the approaching substrate molecule.

Enzyme lab quiz

ShareCompartir The production of three enzymes - a glycosidase beta-galactosidase and two aminopeptidases gamma-glutamylaminopeptidase and hydroxyprolylaminopeptidase - has been used to differentiate between Neisseria and related species isolated on selective medium for N.

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Although this test is easy to perform, nongonococcal isolates including commensal Neisseria spp. Enzyme substrate tests should not be used as the only test for identifying N.

Enzyme lab quiz

Principle Gonochek II is a tube test that is designed to differentiate between Neisseria lactamica, N. The enzymes produced by these species are detected in a single test by the production of colored endproducts from colorless substrates.

Beta-galactosidase, produced by N. Hydroxyprolylaminopeptidase, produced by N. Specimen Requirements Optimum specimen: Well-isolated colonies of a h.

Compromising factors affecting test results: The test must be inoculated with a pure culture of the isolate. Contamination with other strains may produce aberrant results if the contaminating strain s produce any of the three enzymes being detected in this test.

Use only well isolated colonies of a h. Test should be performed within 30 min. Enzyme activity may diminish with time upon removal of culture from incubator to room temperature. Commercial enzyme substrate test Storage conditions: Store in the dark at 0C to 8C Refrigerated.

Do not use after the expiration date or if the substrate is visibly wet.

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Reactions of control strains should be confirmed at the time frozen stocks are prepared. QC strains may be stored at C for 2 years. Clinical isolates and QC strains are tested in the same manner according to the manufacturer's directions. QC strains should be subcultured at least once after the initial culture from the frozen specimen before the test is performed.

Streak-inoculate strains onto plates of chocolate agar or equivalent medium for isolation. Incubate plates at 35C to Confirm that cultures are pure. Allow tests to warm to room temperature before use. Remove, as a pair, red and translucent, stoppers from the Gonochek-II tube.

Use a preservative-free transfer pipette, dispense 4 drops of PBS into the tube. Using a wooden applicator stick, harvest the equivalent of fresh, medium-to-large size colonies of similar morphology and emulsify well in the PBS in the Gonochek-II tube.

Best results will be obtained with growth from well-isolated colonies that have not lyzed. Recap the tube with the pair of stoppers.

Incubate the capped tube in a 35C to Read the color of the suspension in the tubes after 30 min.Lab Thirteen "DNA & Biotechnology ". In this lab, you will learn about the structure of DNA and how it is replicated.

You will also learn how DNA Fingerprinting and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) are used as tools in the Biotech field of science. PRE-LAB QUESTIONS: ENZYME LAB. Answer the following questions and submit at the start of the Experimental Enzymology Lab session.

All page references are for the Physiology Lab . Enzyme Catalysis Alternative 1 This is an alternative to the AP Enzyme Catalysis lab. The technique is much easier for the students to use and gets better results.

Enzyme Activity Lab By: Chase, Brian, Walter, and Nick The General Questions: 1. Balanced Equation: 2 H2O>2 H2O + O2 2. Enzyme: Catalase 3. Catalase is found in highest concentration within the liver in the human body.

Catalase breaks down H into water and oxygen.

Enzyme Catalysis

It allows the liver to filter. Exploring Enzyme Function With the Lactase Enzyme OBJECTIVES: In this laboratory exploration, you will To understand these terms: enzyme, enzyme activity, active site, substrate, enzyme-substrate complex, LAB QUIZ PREPARATION: For the lab quiz. Create and play quizzes on the world's most popular trivia web site.

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