Corporate america

The fact is corporate America was not what I had expected it to be coming out of college.

Corporate america

Reading a book written by a friend is a little precarious going in for the obvious reason: I remember Jack as a true wit--a guy who was a lot of fun to be around. But what if that was just the whiskey and nicotine? Thankfully, I had nothing to worry about. As much as Francis, the protagonist, wants to write his masterpiece and have a life as a distinguished author, there is this other life that offers influence of a very different kind, as well as sometimes staggering financial rewards.

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Does money make a person happier? Does it help a man get the girl? And what of the life of the intellectual novelist? Is that really a world without the same type of cutthroat attitudes and would-be charlatans as you might find lurking in Corporate america corporate world?

Corporate america

The ride we accompany Francis on is filled with characters that are amusing, confouding, maddening, and all-too-familiar in some cases.

I never realized before how much both factions company PR people and social reformers have in common. The story is about a man trying to finish his novel.

He manages to get into an elite writing class but is, ala This story made me laugh at a lot of things: He manages to get into an elite writing class but is, alas, thrown out because the leader thinks his story whitewashes the Holocaust. Anyway, a literary agent takes an interest in his novel, offering to help him with it.

For twenty-five thousand dollars. That means Francis needs a job to get the cash. So he goes out and gets a job. And he likes it! He discovers PR is just his thing! An easy read for someone who enjoys poking a little fun at the Establishment, whether it be in corporate or collegiate America.


But does it have to be a choice? There is no twist ending here, the book is an almost straight linear narrative of how to succeed in business albeit not without trying with a predictable resolution. It would be an exercise in epistemic relativism to decide whether the choices Francis makes are good or moral, but they are undeniably lucrative.

Not to mention entertaining to read about. For a genuine, genuinely hilarious corporate satires check out Max Barry. This book lacked a certain degree of outrageousness or preposterousness that satires tend to go for, but it was a good enjoyable read.

However, this book is much deeper, more sophisticated and written with a lush yet precise prose that reminds me more of reading Shteyngart than anything else.Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Corporate America at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users.

September 9, , AM EDT Why Top Women Are Disappearing From Corporate America Despite progress, the number of women Fortune CEOs remains tiny. 33, Corporate America jobs available on Apply to Investment Banking Analyst, Account Executive, Financial Analyst and more!

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Corporate America is new phrase for the modern slavery which dozens of wealthy families (less than 1% of population) plans and governs almost all nations by manipulating their economy, politics and social life style just to befit the corporation.

We have to change the corporate structure to survive. A bunch of corporate types in suits were sitting at the table in the conference room. He is one of the most powerful men in corporate America. The business is a corporate entity. Certain members of corporate America are continuing to use financial gun control by refusing to process payments for firearm manufacturers.

NBC Los Angeles reports that companies like Stripe and Inuit are refusing to process payments from gun makers, while Bank of America refuses “financing to.

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