Bicycle sharing system bixi comes to

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Bicycle sharing system bixi comes to

Take one when you need one, and leave it at any station when you arrive at your destination. Take Go to the pay station, choose the bike icon, buy your day pass, one-way trip, or 10 One way package, then read and accept the user contract. Want to use BIXI more often?

A valid credit card must be associated to your account at all times! You can purchase one-way trips with an OPUS card. To do so, you must first create an online account using the subscription form. Then, at the pay station, choose the bike icon, tap your OPUS card on the reader and follow the onscreen instructions.

No security deposit is required for one-way trips purchased with an OPUS card. Your credit card is used to identify you as a user; a maximum of four 4 accesses per credit card is permitted at one time. Print or view your unlocking code on the screen.

It is valid for 5 minutes. Enter your unlocking code on the keypad of the bike dock of your choice. BIXI members, insert your key in the bike dock of your choice. When you see the green light turn on, pull the handlebars firmly toward you to release the bike. Ride Adjust the seat height, put your bag in the basket and ride!

Using the BIXI app, you can plan your trips and view a map of the stations. You can also locate available docking points at the stations closest to your destination. Need to check the map while en route? Be safe and make sure that you find a good place to stop.

Push the front wheel firmly into an empty bike dock. Make sure the green light comes on after docking the bike. You have to wait 1 minutes before taking out another bike. To get a new unlocking code, insert your credit card again: If your destination station is full, you can request another 15 minutes, free of charge, to give enough time to return the bike at the next closest available station.

Watch our instructional videos To better understand the system Our agent will explain how the bikes work, the different payment methods you can use and how to use the docking points. Frequently asked questions If you need help, don't hesitate to contact us.

The system is in service from April 15 to November The stations are removed for the winter. You have to be at least 14 years of age and 1.Bike sharing comes to S.F.

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Bicycle sharing system bixi comes to

BIXI Montréal is a public bicycle sharing system serving Montréal, Quebec, Canada. Launched in May by Public Bike System Company (PBSC), it is North America's first large-scale bike sharing system and the original BIXI brand of systems. PBSC filed for bankruptcy at the beginning of as the company started experiencing financial difficulties in late We picks up hot Milf Porn Videos in every part of the world and adds them to its unique Milfs video collection carefully.

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Showing of Porn. The public bicycle rental systems are each financed by local advertising operators, in most cases in return for the cities signing over a year licence to exploit citywide billboards.

The overall scheme is called Cyclocity by the company, but each city's system is branded under an individual name.. The cities that have implemented its bicycle .

If the code or the BIXI key is invalid, or if the bike is damaged, a red light will come on and the bike will remain locked in the dock.

If you experience repeated difficulties, try again at another bike dock or call customer service at BIXI () or to notify us of any defects.

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