Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle

A disadvantage of driving a motorcycle is that you get wet, hot, cold and dirty There is no doubt that when you are motorcycle you are exposed to the elements. There will be times when you will be battered by the wind and rain and your fingers will be numb.

Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle

Stop and go Traffic? Stuck behind a stinky car in traffic? With most if not all bikes getting over 50mpg, it is almost impossible to choose a car read: Bikes are cheap on gas, cheap on insurance, and a blast to ride around the city.

Well, I grin like a 5 year old who just got a puppy every time I start up my motorcycle. Do you rev the engine on your Honda Accord when you go through a tunnel?

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I am pretty sure that it is proven somewhere that people with motorcycles lead happier and more interesting lives. When have you ever seen a grumpy person on a motorcycle? Its like your very own VIP parking! Just imagine if everyone had a motorcycle… no more traffic jams, no more congested freeways….

It is not as scary as you think. I did it in LA on a Triumph Tiger with hard saddlebags. Not exactly the thinnest bike out there. Depending on who you ask, lane-splitting is either a good thing or a bad thing. I am not here to convince you one way or another… What I can say is that it saved me so much time when I visited Los Angeles last year.

I can think back to one day in particular, my parents and I decided to head out to the Santa Monica Pier from where we were staying in Culver City Los Angelesthem in our rental van, and me on my rented Triumph.

Our route was around 8 miles and was all freeway. Still it probably took us 30 minutes to get out there. I slowly eased in between the lanes, and the ocean of cars parted before me and I slowly made my way back to the hotel.

Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle

Like anything, lane-splitting has its dangers, but you can save some time when you use common sense. When you ride a motorcycle, you really have to be aware of the weather and plan accordingly.

Dress too heavy in the heat, and overheat yourself; Dress too light in the cold and rain, and you get soaked in rain and too cold. Both result in a distracted ride, which becomes more dangerous.

Imagine being half way to the coast and flying off of your bike and rolling 10 times in the gravel; I felt like Tom Cruise for a second!

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Motorcycles are very dangerous and you take a risk every time you ride; My friend Tim learned this the hard way and lost his life a couple years ago. He was one of the safest riders that I knew, but accidents happen no matter how careful you are, or how much gear you wear… You steer with one wheel and only have two wheels touching the ground.

It is really difficult and dangerous to try to brake in the middle of a turn on a motorcycle. Use the front brake and you fly over the bike; use the rear brake and you either lose the back end or you stand the bike back up and go off of your line.

Automobiles have a larger margin of forgiveness for things like this. They hammer this into you right from the beginning.This is the index page for a series of articles I have written regarding the Lucas dynamo and regulator charging system found on many classic motorcycles.

Advantages and disadvantages of a motorcycle

The advantages and disadvantages of motorcycle. Home / Free Essays / Riding a motorcycle is legally possible at the age of sixteen. It is considered trendy and somewhat fascinating to zoom in and out of traffic.

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There appears to be many advantages in owning a . A speed bump is also known as a sleeping policeman in British English, Maltese English and Caribbean English, a judder bar in New Zealand English, and a lying-down policeman in Croatia, Slovenia and Russia.A speed bump is a bump in a roadway with heights typically ranging between 3 and 4 inches ( and cm).

The traverse distance of a speed bump is typically less than or near to 1 foot. TERM: DESCRIPTION # Over/Under: This refers to the length of front forks as compared to the stock length.

Ex ten over means 10 inches longer than in stock . Not so long ago, if anyone mentioned of a motorcycle trip to Ladakh, only a Royal Enfield would come to mind.

And trust me; the discussions would go on to topics like would a CC Royal Enfield do or do you need a CC Enfield for the trip. Spoked vs Alloy: Know the Advantages and Disadvantages of Your Motorcycle Wheels August 1, Cars: Motorcycles By Bryan Campbell Photo by Hunter D.

Kelley There are only two types of wheels you’ll see rolling around underneath the average modern motorcycle: wire .

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